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‘Entrepreneurship in Music

Coaching focused on harmony and perception

Jeroen van Vliet

Jeroen van Vliet, jazz pianist and composer, winner ‘Boy Edgar Award 2014’

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“Playing the piano is what I love to do, I see acquisition and management as a real chore. When I called Sandra Gevaert, my head was already spinning for a while. I thought it was time to have someone take a look, I was ready for coaching in the field of marketing and sales hoping that it would become easier and more fun. I thought I had to develop a completely different side of myself master that entrepreneurship better. It is clear that I have to continue to do my own management. As an independent musician in the world of jazz and improvisation you cannot afford the costs of hiring someone to do this.”


quote mark“It was a bit different than I had imagined coaching. Perhaps I expected to go home with a ready-made marketing plan, but the question is whether I would have been happy with that. Sandra just took the time to bring out my intrinsic motivation, my motives to make music. What music and why, who do I want to be in music?

“Sandra took the time to bring out my intrinsic motivation.”

I discovered that I want to touch people with my music, I am a storyteller who wants to convey a story from behind the piano. This has given me focus, it has helped me to choose more consciously which projects I want to do and which I don’t, what music I want to create and what not. What I do now comes much closer to who I am and how I experience music. I am in harmony with my music practice and apparently that resonates with the audience. For example, my last album with saxophonist Mete Erker was very well received without excessive marketing effort. So that focus gives a flow and Sandra has seen that very well. ”

Experience and Balance

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I know Sandra from her role with Artvark Saxophone Quartet, she manages the quartet in her own way. Not quite like we are used to in the world of music. The same applies to her coaching qualities, in which she weaves her personal view and professional experience with an approach that focuses on your experience and on how you can find balance. She helps you to see what is already there and builds from there. She has made me experience how you not only go through a learning process in your mind but with your entire emotional being, so that what you learn can really take root. In addition, Sandra has a large and diverse network, not only in the world of music but also in the world of business and non-profit organisations, and has a talent for bringing the right people together.

She has the talent and network to bring the right people together.”


Focus on perception and harmony

There’s nothing greater than passing on knowledge and experience. MOROSOPH is coaching individuals towards a meaningful professional and private life. Sandra Gevaert is an inspiring coach of executives, directors and managers, professionals and specialists in the field of communication, awareness, behaviour and (personal and collective) leadership. In addition, she is an experienced coach for musicians and artists who can draw on her own music practice.

Coaching by MOROSOPH focuses on finding intrinsic motives. Everything becomes fun and easy if you are intrinsically motivated. Success is not a goal in itself but, like happiness, a sensation afterwards where you have arrived in a natural way. MOROSOPH reveals the invisible so that the subdued can be handled and work for you.

Appreciative Inquiry

Appreciative Inquiry helps to build an organisation or deepen your personal learning journey based on what was already working. By asking questions about what is working and what generates energy, you learn about what you want and the steps to take in the right direction become visible and feasible. Whatever you pay attention to will grow. Appreciative Inquiry pleasantly creates a willingness to move, become productive and achieve goals. Sandra uses this method in her coaching practice as a guidance to a positive experience and harmony. She embodies this way of looking and acting and offers tools for future challenges.

Music and Harmony

Music is a metaphor for MOROSOPH’s work. Sandra strives for harmony in organisations and processes by letting everyone find their own voice. Working together is nothing more or less than ‘tuning in’ and this makes her very happy. 

“He who lives in harmony with himself lives in harmony with the universe.”
-Marcus Aurelius

. Personal development is an important element of achieving harmony. Sandra sings in a vocal quintet and she manages a professional saxophone quartet. Sandra connects her experience and network in the artistic field with her network in business and offers you the best of both worlds.

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Does Morosoph fit your bill? Let’s get acquainted!

Are you ready for the sage who puts her finger on the sore spot with humour and lightness? Let’s make an appointment for a closer acquaintance on the way to meaningful change.

“I experience Sandra as a pleasant sparring partner who gave me new insights into the cooperation with residents and colleagues in the process of participation with the citizens of Amsterdam. Sandra knows how to put things well into words and does not shy away from the discussion.”

Sjoukje van ‘t Veer – Municipality of Amsterdam

“Sandra gives me insights about myself and relationships with others in a very accessible way. She easily senses what is going on inside me, approaches everything with positivity and doesn’t judge.”

Lisa – millennial coachee

“Experienced and knowledgeable Sandra has shown us the ways to shape participatory leadership, both with clear explanations and by creating opportunities to practice and experience this ourselves. She sensed what our group needed and left meaningful experiences and lessons with all participants.”

Monika Bankert – business economist, chartered accountant, interim manager, writer with a mission

“Sandra was able to take employees out of the old patterns and address their ownership. What I admire in her is her great confidence to let the group handle the process themselves. ”

Rozella Oostveen – Combiwel

“Sandra is a very enthusiastic and creative expert on setting-up and executing change management projects. She can interact very well with multiple levels in the organisation. She is very dedicated and reliable to work with and is extremely good in running workshop like sessions.”

Minke van Steenis – Philips

“Sandra was the driving force and energetic creative of the cross-financial-sector project ‘Samen in Actie’. Determined, open and willing for dialogue and spirited discussion and always in connection with all participants. Many thanks for that!”

Henk Korthorst – The Dutch Central Bank

“Sandra has been able to make a big difference because she puts her personal life experience in service of others. The mutual trust that she manages to realise is her great strength. I consider it a privilege to have worked with her.”

Leen Paape – Nyenrode Business University

“Sandra thinks practically, listens well and what I find very important, she makes my wishes clear and specific. Her way of working appeals to me because she steers in a helpful way, without being dominant. Sandra has taken a group of people into a change process and made them enthusiastic about it. Difficult seems to be easy.”

Annelies Gerritsen – Municipality of Amsterdam

“I worked with Sandra when she supervised a session for women at Price WaterhouseCoopers and another one for an intercultural target group of a regional Police force. As a professional, she is well able to identify the core question of the client connected to the needs and experiences of the target group. During the session I observed that the group was able to let go of their personal obstacles and embrace their own strength, they went home feeling empowered.”

Djehan Lauwers – change manager, diversity & inclusion PwC

“Sandra hosted the first residents’ evenings, which focused on how, according to the residents, participation should take place in their neighborhood. An important step because it determines the route for the entire follow-up process. Sandra performed this difficult task in a professional manner. The evenings brought a rich harvest of suggestions and ideas. I can definitely recommend Sandra.”

Pieter van Zijl – project manager, engineering office, Municipality of Amsterdam

“The Art of Participatory Leadership has changed my daily life. I now have a better understanding when you assume which role in a group based on what you want to achieve. A great training that gives confusion and deeper insight into yourself. ”

Lot Locher – Strategic Adviser Amsterdam Rainproof / Waternet

“I experienced the Art of Participatory Leadership training as very inspiring. Sandra is a very professional, sensitive trainer who gives a lot of space to the group processes. I am looking forward to putting into practice what I have learned!”

Janneke Dubbelboer – Mundi training

meeting the honest organisation

Organisational Change: the honest organisation

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“To clearly place the ‘what’ with the municipality as the client and the ‘how’ with the executing body, we had to come clean and look at our own share with a very honest view to make the processes transparent. Sandra was eminently able to create that safe context in which everything could come to the table. Complex situations could just be able to exist and did not have to be solved immediately which gives some kind of relaxation in the process. ”

meeting  from don’t to do

Visioning: from don’t to do

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“The idea is that you develop people and organisations from what is already good and thus create the foundation for further development based on trust. Sandra guides you in looking beyond what went wrong and how not to do it. She is particularly interested in how things can be done. In addition, employees usually know very well what is needed to achieve an improvement and Sandra can get that wisdom from a group par excellence. ”